धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः

Our Privacy Policy

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    1. Anyone engaging in doxxing or harassment will be reported to authorities. Posting private and confidential information is a violation of Terms of Use in many social media platforms. Depending on the scenario and location, doxxing can involve penalties and can be considered a serious criminal offense.
  • The only information you allow us to share is the institution name and testimonial
    1. If you do not wish to share both publically, we cannot post your story.
  • If there is evidence of the incident, please share it.
    1. We want to ensure that every story is verified and/or verifiable in nature. [Only the Hindu On Campus team will have access to it. No one else.]
  • Be aware and careful of the information you provide
    1. In order to ensure that testimonials are kept anonymous, it is best to refrain from providing anything that can personally identify you to an unknown audience.
  • Any information you provide, will be kept amongst the Hindu on Campus team and no one else.
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  • We recommend leaving your email address
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Why should you report Anti Hindu sentiment?

  • Hindus are a religious minority
    1. With the exception of India, Nepal and Mauritius where Hindus form the majority of the population, Hindus are a religious minority elsewhere.
    2. Discrimination against anyone, especially religious minorities, is not acceptable.
  • Not everyone is aware of who Hindus are
    1. In the U.S, Hindus are [1% of the population. Only 22% of Americans know of a Hindu. This makes it all the more difficult to speak about discrimination our community faces.]
  • We have never spoken up for ourselves before.
    1. If we don't speak up, how can we expect others to know about what we go through?
  • We don't have existing systems in place for our protection
    1. With more data collected, we can change this.
  • Data collection is important & necessary
    1. At the moment, discrimination against Hindus isn't mapped. It's important to change that.