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What is 'Hindu on Campus'?

Hindu on Campus is a grassroots Hindu student driven, international movement aimed at creating a safe space for Gen Z Hindus to share their experiences regarding anti-Hindu bigotry. Our mission is to advocate for young Hindus all across the board - from schools to college campuses - to ensure that Hindu rights are protected and we are treated in accordance to anti-discrimination policies. We strongly support Gen Z Hindu voices and support any and all initiatives to amplify them.

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    Hindu on Campus was founded in March 2021, by a group of diverse Hindu American students who experienced Hinduphobia and biased narratives surrounding their faith and wanted to make a meaningful change for the wider Hindu community. The dominant discourse on college campuses and educational settings oftentimes, excluded minority Hindu students and we noticed that our concerns get brushed away by institutions. We are determined to make meaningful change and use our voices to make a difference.

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    Hinduphobia at Rutgers

    March 2021

    Over the last month, we began a campaign to help Hindu students at Rutgers University, who felt targeted and harassed by Audrey Truschke, an associate professor of South Asian history who has repeatedly perpetuated white supremacy and Hinduphobia. This built up the momentum to the worldwide solidarity movement for Hindu students at Rutgers, whereby the #RacistRutgers hashtag trended on Twitter for multiple days.

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    What's next?

    The struggle by Hindu students for justice has continued to receive international attention, something that has never happened before. We aim to continue campaigning, organizing and supporting educational initiatives to eradicate institutionalized Hinduphobia. Through our testimonials and data collection, we strive to make a significant impact for Hindus of diverse ethnic and national backgrounds.

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